This is the official website of Anouar (Nouri) MESSELMANI, a Tunisian Artist and Citizen of The World. Born in the country of Carthago, educated in France and has been living in Japan for more than 30 years. Messelmani has acquired a rich multicultural background from which he has drawn unique styles and an extraordinary ability in his use of colors in his paintings.

Living a reclusive life, out of the spot lights, Messelmani believes that he should keep himself free from any movement or sponsor's dictation or from outside pressure and influence.

This freedom is paramount in order for him to be able to express and produce his work from his heart. His immediate aim is not of pleasing the viewer but firstly of satisfying his own creativity that comes from his deep thoughts, his contemplation as well as from his dreams.

He travels extensively and his creativity flows from an ocean of dreams and rich environments from where he produces specific forms and colors …Thus we can witness several styles expressed very freely, from Mediterranean works to abstract oils. He believes fundamentally that for a real and authentic artist, the "dessin" (drawing) should be the daily training for his hand and eyes…